Frequently Asked Questions



How long will it take for my dog to be groomed?


This depends on your dog's breed and size, the type of coat and condition of coat, as well as the type of trim. My average is about 1.5 - 2 hours per dog.


When should I get my puppy groomed for the first time?


I prefer to start a puppy's grooming at around 12-16 weeks. I do NOT recommend a haircut the first time---it is asking a lot of the groomer to use scissors and clippers on a wiggly puppy. It's also a lot to ask of a puppy, with their short attention spans. I recommend bringing the puppy in once a month for the first 4 grooms. This will help get your puppy comfortable with the usual sounds he will hear in a grooming salon; clippers, scissors, dryers, etc. It will also help him remember who I am, and that I am not going to hurt him. I would also be happy to go over brushing, combing and handling techiniques with you so that your puppy will become not only comfortable with the grooming process, but will actually enjoy the grooming process.



Can I stay and watch you groom my dog?


If you would like to watch the grooming process, I would be happy to have you watch me groom a dog that is not your own. When I am grooming a dog, they see me as the one in charge. When you are present during your dog's groom, he will see you as the one in charge and will try to go to you, to jump from the bath to you, he wants you to "save" him from the groomer. It is very hard to work on a dog when their owner is present. I have nothing to hide, and would be happy to have you come and visit while I am grooming another person's dog.

What if my dog is matted?

 Will you demat him?Well, that depends. I will not demat any dog if it takes longer than 20 minutes. Although I have special tools for this, it takes time and patience, and it is not humane to dematt a dog for very long. Humanity over vanity! See the dematting policy on the services page


Why can't you give me an exact quote over the phone?


Have you ever noticed that even though your dog may be a common breed (like a shih tzu), that he or she may be smaller, bigger, heavier, thicker/thinner coated, more easy going or less tolerant to grooming than other dogs of the same breed? Also, it takes me a lot longer to groom a dog that is groomed less frequently. For these and other reasons, I cannot give an exact quote over the phone.



 Every time I take my dog to get groomed, the groomer "shaves him bald." WHY?

Well, I wasn't there so I can't say for sure, but it could be a number of things: It could be your dog is matted and the groomer had to shave your dog, or it could be the groomer is only comfortable shaving dogs. When you come to my salon, I would be happy to give you a free consultation. I will go over your dog's skin and coat with you, and talk about options that will fit your pet, and your lifestyle. Keep this in mind if your dog is matted: the closer the mats are to the skin, the shorter the haircut will have to be. Groomers have to clip UNDER the mats, not through them or over them. Sometimes a dog wont "feel" matted, even when it is.

Do's and Don'ts when bringing your dog to Pristine Pets



PLEASE give your pet time to relieve itself before your arrival. I usually let my own dogs out first thing in the morning, feed them, and 10 minutes later let them out again. Dogs have a natural desire to relieve themselves when they are nervous, and it is easier on them if they have an "empty tank" upon arrival. Please don't allow your pet to toilet at my home.




It is very normal for a dog to shake when it comes to the groomers. They are very smart and love to put on a "show" for their owners. They know the routine and are perfectly fine with me once the owner leaves. Dog's pick up on our anxiety and it makes it harder on them. Don't worry about your dog, he will be fine! If you are worried, feel free to call during the grooming, and I will give you an update on his status! Usually there is nothing to report, they stop shaking as soon as they realise they're just getting a haircut.